Oaks Day

Oaks Day was great here is some highlights…

And here comes Fintan with his cotton jacket looks like it from the 90s. But I also love those navy blue fishman pants looking around about $2000 and to finish of his clothing his rich fabrics in those shoes they all look like they have been hand crafted by a middle Aged man with taste. Thank you fintan

Me In a Minute

My me in a minute goals are…

Squats- below average I didn’t do to well so I hope to double my score

skips- average skips I got 85 but I hope to get 100

star jumps – below average star jumps I hope to inprove to 75

Hopefully I beat them by practicing  the 3 sports at home I will do them 1every two days and look at the proper technique. We are doing health week and are studying our body these are my results.

3 way conference

My 3 way conference was a shububble we turned up at the wrong time thanks to Mum even though she was wearing a watch. Here is how it went on a practice with Zed. Zed said I put expression in and it was great but j needed more eye contact.

Reflecting thinking

reflective thinking

What is reflecting? Reflecting is when you go back and write about what you thought about what you did or what happened.

Why do we do it? So we can understand the meaning of our experience.

How do we do it? What tools can we use to reflect? A pencil and paper written out or work typed.

How can it help your learning? To understand what was happening.

You won’t find these answers in the link- you’ll need to think about them for yourself!